Gorgeous Greenhouses

maximize the output of your labour 

The Cause

A Greenhouse does what it’s supposed to do, protect your plants form changes of weather.

The Result

It therefore prolongs your growing period.

The Benefit

You can now grow fruits and vegetables you otherwise would be unable to harvest.

Benefit of a Green-House

Why would you need one? 

When you decided to go there, become independent, more self-sufficent. Now, you want to maximize the output of your labour- that is when you start thinking. Work smarter, not harder– is the key now. Imagine you did all you can, prepared your garden for the growing season and a rapid temperature drop in June kills all your delicate paprika and tomato plants. We all have beeen there at some point, so to save you some disapointment we mention the importance of Green-Houses, in whatever shape, right away. 

We can help you build your personal Greenhouse. We have built and tested many different varieties, so that we give you an honest opinion on the pro’s and con’s of  the different types out there. Once you decided on your personal favorite, we provide you with a sketch and a complete quote. As always, we work quickly and with high quality in mind. 

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