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Tiny Homes, Residential Houses, Property Development & More

Tiny Homes

The more you free yourself of things, the more you free yourself of problems. 

Pack your essentials in a tiny space and go see the world. 

Sustainable Living

Transform your „place on earth“ into a HOME.

New landscape projects protect and respect the nature and work in-sync with environment. 

Residential Homes

Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT)

A modern way of building with the worlds most trusted material: wood. 



Wood Carving

Inspired from the woods, manufactured in the woods, made of wood.

Unique, handmade art pieces that transport meaning and are one simple thing: art. 



You want to plan your project and you need a good sketch to go by. You have an idea in your head but not on paper yet.

Let’s talk about possibilites. We help you, let your dream become true!


Wood you can truly be comfortable with. Have it for your home; living room, bedroom, bathroom. Make your home special with long-lasting solid wood furniture.


Welcome Home!

Solid Wood Construction SoWoCon Ltd is a unique company located in Atlantic Canada working with an interesting new technology. Whenever you are looking for a residential, industrial or farm-building – just talk to us, we can help you out!

Wood is a traditional building-material that has more to offer yet! Manufactured in a special way cross-laminated-timer (CLT) can be used as a core-structure for many different types of buildings. 

CLT is popular in Europe since the 1990’s. It is getting more and more known in North America. In Toronto and Vancouver there are already high-rise buildings that contain CLT in large parts. 

The newly engineered wood panels eliminate many of the challenges former wood constructions e.g. log homes and timber-frame houses had. Structures for houses can be assembled in days and even 5-storey tall mass-timber constructions only take weeks to be conducted. 

Sustainable Living

38% of the worldwide forest area is located in Canada. However the percentace of healthy forest is constantly declining. Clear-cut of widespread landscapes for papermills or bio-gas-plants is not the answer. A controlled forest managetment leads to healthy harvesting of good-quality wood without destroying the global eco-system. Wood as a building-resource is renewable and easy to compose. It minimizes the footprint humanity leaves in nature.

Sustainable living also starts in your own backyard. Growing your own food and becoming energy-independent is part of the mix of natural living. Every mile your food is not traveling, is saved energy that need not be produced in the first place. As we only have one planet, we should take care of it. 

New Tiny Ideas

Solid wood constructions also have several advantages for tiny structures. Many people nowadays decide to reduce their costs of living. Tiny-Homes are also popular as guest-houses, rent-out-spaces and mobile-homes. Off-the-grid living is becoming extremely popular even in suburban areas!

Wood makes Sense

Most people like to be surrounded by „warm materials“ rather than cold stone walls. If you touch a wooden-wall it will always be warm. In a concrete, steel or stone structures the material takes away a lot of the heat to be warmed up. Former inhabitants of old castles could probably tell us a lot about that. 

Timber is a largely cultivated material but applied with new technology it still has potential to surprise us. There are still many mysteries about wood that science is unable to explain! 

Wood being a resource that is easy to obtain, super eco-logical and very affordable it will lead the way into future building. Many jobs can be saved and newly created as the key will be a sustainable forest industry. It will be important to have a healthy environment to get the best results. 


Whichever project you would like to realise, do not hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help! 

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