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since 2015 CLT (Mass Timber) Residential Projects in Nova Scotia, Canada founded in 2015 in Nova Scotia – Canada, SoWoCon Solid Wood Construction Ltd. is working with a trademark product manufactured in Austria, Europe. The CLT-panels are cut customized and assembled quickly and efficently on site. With excellent fire, earthquake and storm resistance this building system is reliable for all climate change effected areas.

since 2018 Land Developing Projects in Nova Scotia, Canada                      property investment and developing of horticulture structures like high-beds and greenhouses.  

since 2020 Tiny Home Residental Projects in Nova Scotia, Canada                    insprired by our main goal of ecological living we were looking into ways of self-sustainability which are off-grid systems, that would function year round even in the harsh climate of Atlantic Canada. In North America, there has been a great „Tiny House & Back to the Basics“ movement since 2008. A tiny living area comes with many interessting challanges in building and we are excited to tackle them with every procject.

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SoWoCon Solid Wood Construction Ltd.

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Crafts & Arts


Shadow Crow Arts, Wood Carvings and Epoxy Fusions Wood Rings 

well known from many local art-fairs and with a permanent displays at the Cape Breton Center for Crafts and Art in Sydney and Port Hawksbury as well as the Starving Artist in Downtown Moncton. 

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